Sioux County

S/Sgt. Eugene S. Bartels



Gene Bartels, son of Mr. and Mrs. Henry Bartels Sr. formerly of Carmel now of Bellflower, California, entered the army on Tuesday, Jan. 5, and Eddie Kooiker, son-in-law of Henry Bartels Sr. left for limited service.

Source: Sioux Center News Jan. 21, 1943 p 12

Soldier address:
Pvt. Eugene S. Bartels
Fl. 268-589-T.S.S.
St. Petersburg, Florida

Source: Sioux Center News Feb. 25, 1943 p 10

Pvt. Eugene Bartels, son of Mr. and Mrs. Henry Bartels of Calif. was a visitor at his uncle, Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Bartels Sunday afternoon.  He is now stationed at Sioux Falls, S. D.

Source: Sioux Center News Apr. 1, 1943 p 10

Her is the new address of Pvt. Eugene S. Bartels who has been transferred from St. Petersburg, Fl. to 806 T.S.S. Bks. 1537, Sioux Falls, S.D.

Source: Sioux Center News March 11, 1943 p 10

Pvt. Eugene Bartels of Sioux Falls came to Hull Saturday and was a guest at the J. Koele home.

Source: Sioux Center News June 3, 1943 p 3

Mr. and Mrs. Heine Kooiker, Mrs. Henry Bartels and Peter Hyney, and Mrs. Edwin Kooiker and baby and Mrs. R. J. Kooiker were to Sioux Falls, S.D. to visit Pfc. Eugene Bartels who has been in the hospital the past four weeks.

Source: Sioux Center News July 22, 1943 p 8

Former S. C. boy writes from Philadelphia where he is stationed with U. S. Army--
Aug. 23, '43
Dear Ed: Although I don't know you intimately, and I suppose it goes likewise for you, I wan to drop you a few lines anyway.  Although I don;t live in or near Sioux Center anymore, as I used to, I still get a great deal of enjoyment from good ole Sioux Center News.  There is so much of interest to me in it.  Reading about the people I used to know, the service men's corner, the Quiet Hour, and many other items of interest.  I'm going to advanced radio school here at Philadelphia.  As you may know, I graduated from radio school at Sioux Falls and am now taking the advanced course in a specialized field.  I know it's doing me a lot of good.  My address here at Philadelphia is:
PFC E. Bartels
Gladstone Hotel, Room 29
11th and Pine
Philadelphia, Penn.
That's about all I have to say for now, outside of the fact that so far I haven't had any kick coming from the army.  I've enjoyed myself very much since I've been in.  I wish to thank the American Legion for the letters they have been sending me.  Also the people that have written me.  Until I move again I remain an old Sioux Centerite.  Yours sincerely, Gene Bartels.
P.S.  Enclosed please find three dollars, for subscription to your newspaper.  (Ed's note: Thanks, Gene, that pays your subscription for 2 years as our special rate to soldiers is $1.50 per year.)

Source: Sioux Center News Sept. 2, 1943 p 2

Pratt, Kansas
Oct. 15, 1943
Dear Ed:-- A line to let you know that I just can't seem to stay at one address very long.  Since I've written you some time ago from Philadelphia I've been back at Madison, Wisc. for a little further schooling.  Then to Salina, Kansas, where I had a complete combat physical, and now am at my present address.  I will be on flying status very soon now.  My present address is:
PFC E. S. Bartels 3927371
345th Bombardment Sqd.
40th Bombardment Grp.
Pratt Air Field
Pratt, Kansas
Please have the Sioux Center News sent to this address.  Thank you.  Sincerely yours, Eugene Bartels

Source: Sioux Center News Oct. 21, 1943 p 2

Henry Bartels and daughter Grace and Leona .... left Monday by car.  They will stop at Pratt, Kansas, to visit Eugene who is in army service there.

Source: Sioux Center News Nov. 4, 1943 p 7

Jan. 22, 1944
Clovis, N.M.
Dear Ed:
It seems that all I do is move, and that's not missing it far.  I've been transferred to another B-29 base, here at Clovis, New Mex.  I've been doing quite a bit of flying as a radio operator.  I like it very much.  I've tried getting into Cadets, but it has been closed to Combat Crew members of the 2nd Air Force.  So I'll continue as a radio operator.  Please have your paper sent to me at this address:
Pfc. E. S. Bartels 39273710
Combat Crew Trg. School
Section E. A.A.B.
Clovis, New Mex.
Thanking you, I remain, Sincerely, Gene

Source: Sioux Center News Jan 27, 1944 p 2

Sgt. E. Bartels, son of Henry Bartels writes:
Dear Ed:
Could you have my paper sent to my new home?  I'm back at Pratt, Kansas, still doing the same old job.  I'm a radio operator on a B-29.  Guess I'm pretty fortunate to fly in the ship of today.  It is a good plane, and I like it real well.  I think it will play in important role toward helping end the war in the Pacific.  Hello to all the people I know in Sioux County and surrounding territory.  As ever, Gene
Sgt. E. Bartels 39273710
869th Bomb Sqd. (VH)
Pratt, Kansas

Source: Sioux Center News July 13, 1944 p 2

Mrs. Henry Bartels of Bellflower, California sends Eugene Bartels overseas address which may be secured by calling the News.

Source: Sioux Center News Nov. 23, 1944 p 10

S.Sgt. Eugene Bartels writes from the South Pacific--
Dear Editor and Staff:
A line to let you know of a change in my APO number.  The new number is 237.  All the rest of the address is the same except for my promotion from Sgt. to S/Sgt.  I'm still on B-29's, and participated in the first raid over Tokyo.  I was in the second shop over the target, flying on General O'Donnell's right wing.  Since then I have been on four other missions over Japanese mainland.  The island I'm on isn't such a bad place.  Our chow so far has been fairly good, and supplies roll in unmolested.  The climate here is marvelous.  I have a good sun-tan, even though it is the month of January.  The climate is much like it is at home (California).  Perhaps that's why I like it so.  Had a chat with Lt. Marvin Grotenhuis about a month ago.  Haven't seen him since then.  I expect to go up and see Stanton one of these days, when I have a little time.  The News is regular in coming.  The last issue I received was the Dec. 7th.  I like very much keeping acquainted with people back in Sioux County.  Keep up the good work.  Well, this is it for this time.  Hello to all friends back home, and God bless you.  Sincerely, Gene

Source: Sioux Center News Jan. 25, 1945 p 2

On Saipan
Eugene Bartels, son of Henry Bartels, former Sioux Centerite, now living in California, is a radio operator on a B-29, and wrote that they had been having some losses in their forces during recent missions over the Japanese homeland.  He wrote about three weeks ago that he had just completed twenty-two missions over Japan.  He is stationed on Saipan. 

Source: Sioux Center News May 31, 1945 p 1

Mr. and Mrs. Henry Bartels and son Gene of Bellflower, Calif. arrived here last Tuesday and are visiting with relatives here, at Carmel and at Orange City.  Gene has recently been discharged from the service after three years of army life.

Source: Sioux Center News Nov. 15, 1945 p 6