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Clayton N. Balkema



Sioux County Fathers Receive 1st Draft Notice
Called For Preliminary Physicals
This week Monday morning, a good many Sioux County fathers received their first notice from the Draft Board to report at Orange City for their (screen test) preliminary physical examination preparatory to their call for army service.  Among those from Sioux Center who received the notice were Peter W. Rons, Edward E. Roelofs, John Kleene, Clayton Bolkema, Gilbert De Stigter.  They will report at Orange City on Friday, August 26th.  While it may be some time before the Draft Board actually calls these men for induction the purpose is to have the supply of men ready when the call comes, so that those who drop out in the preliminary test, may be replaced in time to fill the quotas.

Source: Sioux Center News Aug. 19, 1943 p 1

More Fathers In 1-A Draft Class; Recent Minutes Of Local Board
No.            Name                                                Classification
                                                            From            To
332            Bolkema, Clayton Nick            P            1-A

Source: Sioux County Capital Sept 9, 1943 p 4

Draft News
Sioux County men who have been called into the service this month will leave from Orange City today.  The next group of draftees will go to Omaha on Dec. 12th for their final physical examinations.  This week Tuesday about 25 men most of them fathers took their screen tests at Orange City.  Included in the group were these seven men from Sioux Center: James Hollander, Irvin Mouw, Maurice TePaske, Gary Doornwaard, Henry Kosters, Bert E. Den Herder and Clayton Bolkema.  These men are subject to reclassification and will receive their new classification notices during the coming week.  Should they be classified 1-A they can expect their call in a few weeks time.

Source: Sioux Center News Dec. 2, 1943 p 1

John Wesselink, Willis Meylink, Clayton Bolkema, Marion Kempers, Richard Meyer, Donald Brommer and Laurence Bleeker were those from here who took their physical examinations Tuesday.  Irwin Mouw also received his call from Lyon county.

Source: Alton Democrat Feb. 24, 1944 p 4

Sioux Men Enter Service
The Sioux County men who received their notices last week left this week Wednesday for army service. Local men in this group included Clayton Balkema, Donald Brommer, Willis Meylink, Richard Meyers, Lawrence Bleeker, Irvin Mouw.

Source: Sioux Center News March 23, 1944 p 1

Pvt. C. N. Balkema has a slight change of address, though he is still at the same camp.  Brks. T 373, Co. C. 12th A.S.F.T.R., Camp Lee, Va.  Mrs. Balkema and daughter, Sandra, left today, Thursday, to visit Clayton and remain there for the summer or until he is transferred.  Kieth Balkema will stay with his grandmother at Cherokee until they return.

Source: Sioux Center News May 18, 1944 p 8

Pvt. Clayton N. Balkema has a slight change within his address.  His complete address is:
Pvt. C. N. Balkema 37692705
Co. B. 13th A.S.F.T.R
Camp Lee, Virginia.
Clayton has finished his Tech schooling and will go to A. P. Hill for two weeks.  He has been offered several different assignments at Camp Lee so will no doubt be stationed there for some time.

Source: Sioux Center News July 20, 1944 p 2

Clayton Balkema has another change of address and has been given a permanent assignment at Camp Lee.  His wife writes that he moved 4 times in 2 weeks.  Some fun.  We are all fine.  Here is his new address:
Pvt. C. N. Balkema 37692705
Co. C. Hq. Bn. A.S.F.T.C.
Barracks T425
Camp Lee, Va.
Mrs. Balkema and daughter Sandra are living at this address: 1429 Oakdale Ave., Petersburg, Va.

Source: Sioux Center News Aug. 3, 1944 p 8

Pvt. Clayton Balkema
Pvt. Clayton Balkema, son of Mr. and Mrs. Nick Balkema entered the service in March and received his basic training at Camp Lee, Virginia.  He is still stationed at Camp Lee, Va. and works on the rifle range, taking care of the targets.  Clayton is married and has two children, Keith, 12, and Sandra, 7.  Mrs. Balkema and Sandra are living with him at Camp Lee, and Keith is making his home with his grandparents at Cherokee, Iowa.  Prior to his entrance into the service Clayton was employed at the Den Beste Store.

Source: Sioux Center News Aug. 10, 1944 p 1

Clayton Balkema has been promoted to PFC.  His complete address is: Pfc. Clayton Balkema, 310 W. Washington, Petersburg, Virginia.

Source: Sioux Center News Oct. 19, 1944 p 2

Home On Furlough
Mr. and Mrs. Nick Bolkema entertained at dinner at their home on Sunday evening honoring their son PFC and Mrs. Clayton Balkema and daughter Sandra who came home Friday from Camp Lee, Va. where he has been stationed.  Guests included ..... Keith, son of Pfc. and Mrs. Balkema who has been making his home with his grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Betz at Cherokee while his father is in the service is also spending a week with his parents here.

Source: Sioux Center News Nov. 9, 1944 p 1

Draft Board
Name                                                Old Class            New Class
Clayton N. Balkema                        1-C Ind.            1-C(H)

Source: Sioux Center News Nov. 9, 1944 p 1

Pvt. and Mrs. Clayton Balkema arrived home last Saturday morning from Camp Lee, Va. to spend a nine day furlough with family and friends here and at Cherokee.  Their daughter Sandra has been with them in Virginia and their son Keith is making his home with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Betz at Cherokee where he is also attending school.

Source: Sioux Center News Mar. 8, 1945 p 8

Here is a brief note from Mrs. Clayton Balkema describing their new home at Newport News, Va.
Dear Marie:-- Clayt has been moved to Hampton Roads at Newport News, Va.  Please send the paper to address at top of card.  Clayton lives off the post at this camp - no reveille, no retreat, no duties.  When he's assigned he will report at 8 and will be thru at 4.  Swell set up here.  We have a grand apt. and the town is great.  We have seen many sea-going vessels.  Also one large aircraft carrier.  We plan to go across the James River bridge - second longest bridge in the world, 4 1/2 miles long.  The ferry runs to Norfolk and we plan on taking a boat ride on it.  All in all we are very thrilled with this new assignment.  This port is crowded with sailors, soldiers and marines.  We walk past the shipyards where they build all the large war ships.  Bye, Lois
481 Huntington Ave., Newport News, Va.

Source: Sioux Center News May 17, 1945 p 10

Mr. and Mrs. Clayton Balkema and daughter Sandra arrived home from Newport News, Virginia on Thursday evening as Clayton has been given a medical discharge from the army after serving for 15 months.  He was in limited service.  They have no definite plans for the future as yet.  Their son Keith who has been staying at the home of his grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. S. C. Betz at Cherokee while his father was in the service also arrived home to be with his parents.

Source: Sioux Center News June 14, 1945 p 1