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Pfc. Albertus "Bert" Bruinsma




Bert Bruinsma Jr. left Fort Des Moines and is now located in Camp Wolters, Texas.  His new address is:  Albertus Bruinsma 37112374, Infantry Repl. Tng. Cen., Camp Wolters, Texas.

Source: Sioux Center News Feb. 12, 1942

58 Soldiers From Sioux Center Vicinity
The American Legion has been sending inspirational letters each month to the soldiers of the Sioux Center vicinity and are anxious to have a complete list of the men in the service.  The NEWS has published the names of the men who left to serve their country in the "NEWS ABOUT OUR SOLDIERS" column.  Please contact the NEWS if any soldier has been omitted or if the rank is not correct in the list which follows:
Pvt. Albertus Bruinsma
Keep the Sioux Center News informed when your soldier has a promotion in rank, change of address, or just a line about how he is getting along.  Little sidelights on the activities of the men under arms are of interest to everyone.  Call us anytime and give us a news item on the man who has gone to serve his country in the time of war.  The News Reporter cannot contact each one of you every week so your cooperation will be appreciated.  Every letter from the soldiers indicate a great deal of pleasure is derived in reading about his fellow "Buddy" and the mutual experiences in the U.S. service.

Source: Sioux Center News March 26, 1942 p 7

Pvt. Bert Bruinsma, son of Mr. and Mrs. Bert Bruinsma of Sioux Center, has been transferred to Camp Murray, Wash.  His new address is: Pvt. Albertus Bruinsma, Co. F. 2nd Bn., 58th Infantry, Camp Murray, Wash.

Source: Sioux Center News June 4, 1942

Bert Bruinsma has been transferred from Camp Murray, Wash. to Tacoma, Wash.  His new address is: Pvt. Albertus Bruinsma, Co. F 2nd Bn. 58th Infantry, Tacoma, Wash.  He is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Bert Bruinsma Sr. of Sioux Center.

Source: Sioux Center News June 11, 1942

Pvt. Bert Bruinsma, who has been stationed at Tacoma, Wash. sent word home to his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Bert Bruinsma Sr. that he was leaving Tacoma for an unknown destination.  He may still be reached by his former address: Pvt. Bert Bruinsma, Co. F. 2nd Bn., 58th Inf., Tacoma, Wash.

Source: Sioux Center News June 25, 1942

Promoted to Private First Class
Bert Bruinsma, son of Mr. and Mrs. B. Bruinsma of Sioux Center has been promoted to the rank of Private First Class in the U. S. Army.  He is stationed in Alaska.  His correct address is: PFC Albertus Bruinsma 37112374, Co. F. 2nd Bn., 58th Infantry, c.o. Postmaster, APO 948, Seattle, Washington.

Source: Sioux Center News Oct. 15, 1942

Mr. and Mrs. Bert Bruinsma received a letter from their son PFC Bert Bruinsma after not hearing from him for nine weeks.  He did not say where he is stationed but it is thought he is still in Alaska.  He is now driving a supply truck and said he was fine.  He also wrote that he had received Christmas packages mailed to him by relatives in the early part of September.

Source: Sioux Center News Jan. 7, 1943 p 6

Bert Bruinsma, son of Mr. and Mrs. Bert Bruinsma Sr. writes that he has just received a package sent by Mrs. Ed Mouw the latter part of August.  Since it takes six weeks for mail to reach here from Alaska, he got the package the latter part of December.  Bert has been buying war bonds faithfully since he entered the army.  He is in good health, says the weather is pretty cold.

Source: Sioux Center News Feb. 4, 1943

Pfc. Albertus Bruinsma, son of Mr. and Mrs. Bert Bruinsma, whom his family believes is somewhere in the Aleutian Islands, writes very little about his activities, says he is still doing the same job driving a supply truck.  He naturally is very eager to get mail from home, so here is his correct address: PFC Albertus Bruinsma, Co. F 2nd Bn., 58th Inf., APO 948, c.o. Postmaster, Seattle, Wash.

Source: Sioux Center News May 27, 1943

Three Local Soldiers Home From Aleutians
Pfc. Bert Bruinsma is expected to come home on Wednesday evening to spend a 25 days furlough with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Bert Bruinsma. Bert has been in the service for nearly three years and has been across for 27 months.  He has been stationed in the Onmak Island in the Aleutians and was sent across without having a furlough.  He arrived in Texas the past week where he is receiving his uniform and will come home with Bill Moerman and Henry Addink who are also expected home Wednesday night.

Source: Sioux Center News Oct. 12, 1944 p 1

Four servicemen who have returned from overseas will be community guests of honor at the town hall Thursday evening when the public will gather to welcome them home and hear their experiences.  The four now home are William Moerman, army; Bert Bruinsma, army; Henry Addink, army; and Jesse Wells, navy.  William Moerman, Bert Bruinsma and Henry Addink have been stationed in the Aleutians.  Jesse Wells has been in North Africa, South America, Egypt, Trinidad and other foreign parts.  Between the four of them they will have a good deal of information to tell, covering both army and navy activities in this war.  The evening should be one that everyone will come out and enjoy. The business girls will serve lunch in the basement after the program.

Source: Sioux Center News October 19, 1944 p 1

PFC Albertus Bruinsma 37112374
Co. K. 159th Inf. Regt.
Camp Swift, Texas

Source: Sioux Center News Nov. 23, 1944

Albertus Bruinsma has a new address.  He has been moved to California from Camp Swift, Texas where he has been stationed for the past several weeks since his overseas furlough which was spent at home. Pfc. Albertus Bruinsma 37112374, Co. K. 159th Inf. Regt., Camp Callan, Calif.  His brother Reynold has also been moved again and is now in northern France.  He writes that it rains there every day and gets plenty cold.

Source: Sioux Center News Dec. 21, 1944

Bill Moerman and Bert Bruinsma had a nice visit with Bernie Koops recently.  Bill and Bert have been buddies since they entered the service, having joined the armed forces about three and a half years ago.  Bert and Bill are now living in a house with six other boys in a town named Bad Godesberg.  Bernie is stationed about twenty miles away.

Source: Sioux Center News June 14, 1945 p 1

Pfc. Albertus Bruinsma wrote home that he had moved again into Germany and the place where they now are, the people still do their field work with cows. He had also contacted his brother Reynold who is in France and they were going to try and get together soon. The boys haven't seen each other for three and a half years. Bert had a new APO number which is now 758. Reynold writes that they are sure kept busy, he drives a supply truck and are on the go most all of the time day and night. He has also moved again and said a man hates to go each time he has to move and keeps on hoping it won't be too long that he can move home to stay. Rennie has been in the army almost three years and has never been home on furlough.

Source: Sioux Center News August 9, 1945 p 8

With the 106th Infantry Division of the 7th Army:  535 members of the 159th Infantry Regiment of Major General Donald A. Stroh's 106th "Lion" Division have won bronze service stars for participation in major campaigns in both the Pacific and European Theaters of War. 

Included are three local boys, Pfc. Albertus Bruinsma, Pfc. Henry Addink Jr., and S/Sgt. Wm. Moerman.

After spending 26 months in the Aleutian Islands and taking part in ground combat against the Japs, the 159th Infantry returned to the United States for additional training at Camp Swift, Texas, and Camp Callan, Calif.  The unit, originally a California National Guard regiment, was shipped to Europe and attached to the 106th Division early in 1945.

The regiment is now stationed near Karlsruhe, in the American occupied zone of the southern Rhineland.

Source: Sioux Center News Sept. 27, 1945 p 2

Enroute Home
Mr. and Mrs. Bert Bruinsma have received word from their son Pfc. Bert that they should not send him any more mail as he was leaving Germany and would be sailing for home the latter part of September.  Henry Addink and Bill Moerman are in this same outfit.

Source: Sioux Center News Sept. 27, 1945 p 1

Pfc. Bert Bruinsma arrived home late Saturday evening and has been discharged from the service after four years of army life.  Forty months were spent overseas and he has two battle stars and 86 points.  Bert was home last October when he spent a 30 day furlough with family and friends and was then sent to Germany where he has served since that time.

With Bert came Staff Sgt. William Moerman, son of Mr. and Mrs. Peter Moerman who has also been discharged and was also in the army for four years.  William has two battle stars and 86 points and the two boys have been in the service side by side since the day they left Sioux Center to be inducted into army life.

Source: Sioux Center News Nov. 15, 1945 p 23

New discharge papers filed at the Recorder's office the past week are those of:
Albertus Bruinsma , Pfc., Sioux Center
Source: Alton Democrat Nov. 22, 1945 p 1