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Cpl. Aldred Bruins




Mr. and Mrs. Aldred Bruins arrived here from California this week.  Alfred left Tuesday from here for Omaha to take his army examinations.  Mrs. Bruins plans to stay here at the home of her mother, Mrs. Gerrit Wanningen, Jr.  Mary, Betty and Vivian Bruins came with them to spend their two weeks vacation here.  They are all employed in defense plants on the west coast.

Source: The Sioux Center News,  July 15, 1943

Married Men Comprise Big Part Of July Draft
29 Accepted In July Call
Following is the list of men accepted for military service, this being the official news release by the Sioux County Selective Service Board.
Aldred Bruins, Sioux City

Source: Sioux Center News July 22, 1943 p 1

Pvt. Aldred Bruins has a new address having been transferred to the Air Corps. 
37483614.  Flight 86—613 Trng. Group
Lincoln Air Base Zone 1,
Lincoln, Nebr.
His wife and Mrs. Richard Kroon spent the weekend visiting him at Lincoln.

Source: The Sioux Center News, September 16, 1943

Here is the address of Pvt. Aldred Bruins:
618 T.S.S. Barracks 1134
Traux Field
Madison, 7, Wisconsin

Source: Sioux Center News Jan. 6, 1944 p 16

Pvt. and Mrs. Aldred Bruins and Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Bruins and family of Sioux Center were visitors in the Mr. and Mrs. Albert Wielenga home on Thursday.

Source:  The Alton Democrat, August 10, 1944

Richard Kroon and Aldred Bruins recently met in England and had a very nice visit together.  Alfred left the states in the latter part of November, so he could give Richard a lot of news concerning the folks back home.  They are brothers-in-law.

Source: Sioux Center News Feb. 22, 1945

Arriving in the States last Friday on the British Line Queen Elizabeth were 14,860 servicemen, among them Cpl. Aldred Bruins, of Sioux Center.

Source:  The Sioux Center News, September 6, 1945

Name, Town and Expiration Date of Furlough
Aldred Bruins, Sioux Center, 10-7-45.

Source: Sioux County Capital Sept. 20, 1945 p 1

Cpl. Aldred Bruins has been discharged from the Army after 32 months of service, 8 of which were spent overseas.  He served as a member of the 486th Bomb Group and was a Radar Mechanic.  He has the distinguished unit badge and the American and European Theater service ribbons.  His wife has been making her home in Sioux Center while her husband was in the service.

Source: Sioux Center News Mar. 14, 1946

WWII Draft Registration Card - dated 1940