Franklin County

Lt. Howard A. Brown



Four members of the E. O. Madson family in Stanhope—three sons and a son-in-law are serving in the various branches of the armed forces.

Lt. Howard Brown, son-in-law of Mr. and Mrs. Madson, only recently returned from 18 months served as a bomber pilot in the India theater of wear.  A resident of Coulter, Iowa, the lieutenant at Christmas time visited with his wife and year-old daughter, Jeanne. It was the first time the officer had seen his daughter who was born while he was overseas.

Source: Daily Freeman Journal, Webster City, Iowa, January 18, 1945 (photos included)


4 Members of the Embert O. and Emma Satre Madson family served in World War II. Sons, Clifton A. Madson and Norman E. Madson were in the Navy. Son-in-law, Howard A. Brown (husband of Emmerett L. Madson) was a bomber pilot in the India theatre of war. Son, Ingrahm J. Madson served in the Army with Hq. Co. 1st BN 337 Infantry. He was wounded in Italy and awarded the Purple Heart.

Sources: Daily Freeman Journal, Webster City, Iowa and