Emmet County

Sgt. Obe Besaw
Photo published Estherville Daily News, April 25, 1942



Mr. and Mrs. Ed. Besaw of Wallford were notified by the United States War Department Friday that their son, Sgt. Obe Besaw, 29, was killed in action in Italy on July 2, 1944.

Sgt. Besaw had been in the Army for more than three years, having entered the service on May 25, 1941. He was sent to Louisiana for training. He has been stationed overseas for two years and had seen action in Africa, Sicily and Italy.

He attended school at Cylinder and Osgood and did farm work prior to his induction. 

The last letter which his parents received from him was dated June 22. Besides his parents, he is survived by a brother and three sisters. One sister is Mrs. Mike Stellmach and another is Mrs. Victor Luehring.

Source: Terril Record, July 27, 1944