Woodbury County

Pfc. E. A. Bern

Soldier Chow’s Almost as Good As Home Cooking

E.A. Bern, private first-class specialist in the Sixth infantry, First Armored division, United States Army, Fort Knox, Kentucky, is visiting his parents. Mr. and Mrs. Robert Bern, 314 West Sixth.

Private Bern was drafted six months ago. He is a mechanic. He says he didn’t like army food at first but now it as well as meals at home. There are not many Sioux City men at Fort Knox “where the gold is buried in the from yard,” he says.

Private Bern thinks army life is great as the Sixth infantry has a dance every week when hostesses are brought from nearby Louisville, Kentucky. A service club at Louisville also sponsors a weekly dance.

Before being drafted Private Bern was a salesman for the Standard Bearings Company, traveling in South Dakota. He attended Trinity High School and is a former Tribune Carrier.

Source: The Sioux City Journal, August 14, 1941