Woodbury County

Pfc. Harold G. Benson

Sioux City Private Receives Belgian Army Decoration

Pfc. Harold G. Benson, whose wife resides at 423 Isabella Street, recently was awarded the Belgian fourragere as a member of the famous Hell on Wheels division, which was cited for its heroic victories in the war with Germany This was the first time the Belgian government conferred this high honor on a foreign unit.

Pfc. Benson is a member of a reconnaissance battalion, and is stationed with his outfit in Berlin. In addition to his latest decoration he also wears five battle stars on his E.T.O. ribbon, and other decorations. His division took part in violent engagements in the Calles salient and caused total destruction of the German Fifth panzer army. This victory blocked the German advance and prevented them from reaching the Meuse.

His mother, Mrs. Laura Benson, lives at 1810 Myrtle Street.

Source: The Sioux City Journal, July 14, 1945