Lucas County

Lt. John E. Baxter, Jr.



The last of the Stansbury crew who were KIA
Lt. John E. Baxter, Jr

Born: 30 Jun 1924, Bucknell, Monroe County, Iowa

Middle Name: Elmmett

Age: 20

John Elmmett Baxter (father)
Cora Mae (Terrel) Baxter (mother)
Mary O Baxter (sister)
Rea Baxter (sister)
John Baxter (brother)
Glea Baxter (wife)

BAXTER, JOHN E. JR., U.S. Army Air Forces Second Lieutenant (promoted posthumously to first lieutenant), age 20, of Chariton. Son of Mr. and Mrs. John E. Baxter Sr., husband of Glea. Inducted 4 November 1942, commissioned 4 February 1944 at Blackland Field, Waco Texas; landed in England 30 June 1944.

Lieutenant Baxter died 28 July 1944 when the B-17 Bomber he was co-piloting went down over the North Sea after colliding midair with another B-17 approximately 15 miles off the English coast on the return flight from a bombing mission targeting Merseburg and ammunition factories in the Ruhr. Remains not recovered. Awards: Air Medal and Purple Heart Medal. Commemorated on Tablets of the Missing, Cambridge American Military Cemetery, Cambridge, England.

Sources: 100th Bomb Group; US Census 1940; American Air Museum, Robert Freeman Collection