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Gene Bales




Mapleton Men With the Armed Forces

Home for the first time since he enlisted in the Navy three years ago, Gene Bales is spending a 20-day leave here with his parents, Mr. & Mrs. C.A. Bales. Gene is a gunner's mate, third class, and was on the Light Cruiser "Boise" when it sank six Jap ships in the early stages of the Guadalcanal battle last October. Gene escaped injuries. The "Boise" is now in the Philadelphia Navy yard for repairs. It had been given up for lost nearly a month before it steamed into this country after sinking the six Jap ships in about 30 minutes. Gene has two brothers in the Navy: Virg in the South Pacific and Mike at Madison, WI. Their father served in World War I.

Source:  Mapleton Press, January 7, 1943