Franklin County

Cpl. A. J. Allison, Jr.





KILLED IN ACTION -- Mr. and Mrs. A.J. Allison of Sheffield were notified by the war department that their son, Cpl. A.J. Allison, Jr., was killed in Germany April 1 where he was serving in the cavalry reconnaissance division, He was 30 years old and is survived by his parents, his wife, 3 sisters and a brother. Cpl. Allison wore the bronze star for bravery in rescuing wounded soldiers under gunfire.

Source: Mason City Globe-Gazette, April 16, 1945 (photo included)


Widows Given Medals in Honor of Soldiers

Algona -- Posthumous presentation of medals was made at a formal retreat ceremony, held at the prisoner of war camp here.

Recipients of the medals were Mrs. Dorothy M. Allison of Sheffield, widow of the late Cpl. A. J. Allison. [excerpt]

Mrs. Allison was presented the Silver Star and Bronze Star medal by Lt Col. A.T. Lobdell, the commanding officer. [excerpt]

As the commanding officer read the official citations from the the war department, military personnel of the post stood at attention in a half circle, group around the flag pole.

Following the presentations, the Algona high school band played the national anthem for the lowering of the colors. The band then led the detachment in formal review before the colonel, officers of his staff and the honored guests.

Cpl. Allison served with the 125th mechanized cavalry of the 9th army. [excerpt]

Accompanying Mrs. Allison to the ceremony were her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Dewey Jones of Hampton; Mr. and Mrs. Harry Allison of Sheffield, parent of Cpl. A. J. Allison and Mr. and Mrs. Bert Furness, also of Sheffield Furness is the mayor of the Franklin County town.

Source: Mason City Globe-Gazette, October 23, 1945