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Cpl. Robert Agnes



Soldier Swims in Royal Pool
Sioux Cityan in Party Invited to Viceroy’s Home in India

It’s a far cry from the old swimmin’ hole, where the last one in is a so-and-so, to an exotic bathing pool in an oriental palace, with soft lights, music and confections of the Far East, but the gap was bridged by Corporal Robert Agnes, son of Mr. and Mrs. E. N. Agnes, 108 12th Street.

Corporal Agnes was one of a number of American soldiers invited to a swimming party at the palace of their Excellencies, Viceroy and Viscountess Wavell, New Delhi, India.

Whereas in the old days young Agnes approached the old swimmin’ hole with the pocketful of green apples, there is was furnished a towel and a pair of trunks by the Red Cross clubhouse and conveyed to the palace grounds in a tonga, a two-wheeled horse drawn vehicles. At one gate to the grounds passes were checked by a huge Sikn guard, not unlike a picture from the Arabian Nights, and the guests then admitted.

The palace pool is described in advices from India as being the one plus ultra in swimming pools. Shaped in a huge octagon with inclosed promenade decorated in beautiful tile, it was lighted by indirect illumination that made the scene mysterious and unreal.

After the swim the American youths were served a luncheon of chicken patties, sandwiches, cakes and punch in multicolored tents, beneath the mohair trees in the red and yellow canna lined garden. They then returned to barracks and resumed their characters as G.I. Joes.

Corporal Agnes’ wife is the former Lorene Preston.

Source: The Sioux City Journal, May 6, 1944