Dickinson County

F/O Harry Yarnes, Jr.




Harry Yarnes, Jr. Awarded Wings Tuesday Morning.

Harry Yarnes, Jr., son of Mr. and Mrs. Harry Yarnes of Spirit Lake, is another of the former Spirit Lake high school athletes, who has completed his training in the army air corps. Harry was graduated Tuesday morning from the Pecos, Texas, army air corps advanced training school and was commissioned as a flight officer. He is expected home today for a visit with his parents, and with his fiancé, Miss Betty Barlow, who arrived last week from California.

The new officer was graduated from the Spirit Lake high school with the Class of 1942. He took his college training with the army air corps at Drake University in Des Moines, after which he was transferred to Santa Ana, Calif., for his pre-flight training. His primary training was at Visalia, Calif., and his basic was completed at Minter Field, Calif., after which he was transferred to Pecos Army Air Field, at Pecos, Texas, where he received his wings.

Source: Spirit Lake Beacon, May 25, 1944