Butler County

Mason City Globe-Gazette, July 16, 1942 (photo only)

Arnold Wilcox



A Butler county boy, Lloyd Ward of Shell Rock, and a former Dumont boy, Arnold Wilcox, both of whom were believed to be at Pearl Harbor, have been reported as missing.

Mr. and Mrs. Harry Ward of Shell Rock, parents of Lloyd, received a message from the Navy department that Lloyd, 21, is missing.  He had been in the Navy a year and a half.  He was formerly on the U.S.S. Oklahoma, but had been transferred recently.

Word was received by relatives in Dumont Sunday that Arnold Wilcox, who was on the U.S.S. Arizona, which was sunk December 7, is officially reported among the missing.  Arnold is the son of Mrs. Icea B. Wilcox of Webster City, a former postmistress at Dumont.

Source: Greene Iowa Recorder, December 24, 1941

Group Pays Tribute to Arnold Wilcox,
Killed in Action

DUMONT—More than 80 guests attended the Alumni Banquet Friday evening at the school gymnasium.  A victory dinner was carried out.

The welcome was given by the president, Mrs. J. R. Britcher, with response by Elizabeth Miller for the Senior Class.  As favors, class members were presented with defense stamps.

During the memory hour, the Rev. P. W. Pfaltzgraff of Hubbard paid tribute to Arnold Wilcox, an alumnus who has been officially reported as dead since the bombing of Pearl Harbor.

A tribute for the boys in service was given by Mrs. Carl Boeckemeier and the Rev. P. W. Pfaltzgraff.  Jacob Duit, who is from Camp Polk, La., carried the flag. 

Source:  Mason City Globe-Gazette, June 8, 1942 (photo included, which was headlined –- “His Classmates Remember”)