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Pfc. Frank T. Whitcher



Pfc. Warren Whitcher Was in Battle Near Brest

A litter bearer with the medical corps attached to an infantry unit, Pfc. J. Warren Whitcher, 19, died December 17, following burns suffered in battle near Best, September 13.

In a message from the government received Wednesday night by his parents, Patrolman and Mrs. John Whitcher, 1615 Riverside boulevard, it was stated that the youth had died in France.  Patrolman Whitcher was inclined to regard that part of the message as erroneous as the soldier had been in an English hospital since he was injured.  His last letter to his parents was written December 10 and a letter as of December 16 from the government informed the parents that “recovery was unsatisfactory.”

The young solider was in England Easter Sunday and he landed in France 10 days after the invasion.  He had suffered in battle, his father said, a phosphorous type of burn described as difficult of treatment.

Survivors besides the parents include another son, Pfc. Frank Whitcher, with the infantry of the Fifth army in Italy, and a sister, Mrs. Myrtle McGuire, also of Sioux City.

Source: The Sioux City Journal, January 11, 1945


Pfc. Frank T. Whitcher, who served with the armed forces about three years, 17 months of which were overseas, has returned home after receiving his honorable discharge from Jefferson Barracks, Missouri. The soldier, with an antitank company, served with the Fifth army in Italy. He is a son of Patrolman and Mrs. John Whitcher, 1615 Riverside Boulevard.

Source: The Sioux City Journal, October 27, 1945