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Soren Westly





3 Members of Family Go to War in a Day

Manly – A most unusual event took place Sunday when 3 members of the Westly families left within 24 hours to enter military service. The fourth went back to his studies at Iowa university, ready to go into the service at the expiration of his training.

Dr. and Mrs. S. S. Westly had a noonday dinner, which was complete for the 2 families, with the exception of Dr. G. S. Westly, who is doing foreign service in the surgery department.

Present were Capt. and Mrs. Douglas McPeak and son, Allen, of Reno, Nev. Capt. McPeak left Monday morning to enter foreign service.

Also present were:

Soren and Mrs. Westly and children, Scottie and Perry Michael. Soren left the same day for Camp Dodge where he will enter the service.

Mrs. G. S. Westly and 3 sons, Lt. G. S. Westly, a physician, left Sunday night for Carlisle Barracks, Pa.

Pfc. Stephen Westly, who returned to his studies at Iowa university, will enter service at expiration of his medical training.

Malcolm, at home. Other guests were Mrs. Don McPeak and son Roddy of Rochester, mother and brother of Capt. McPeak.

Dr. S. S. and Dr. G. S. are brothers, and their wives are sisters.

Malcolm, attending public school, has not decided whether he is going o become a doctor, but his friends say the odds are 3 to 1 he will. He is a talented musician.

Source: The Globe-Gazette, Mason City, Iowa, Tuesday, February 29, 1944, Page 16