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Pfc. Gilbert Wallenburg



Pfc. Gilbert Wallenburg Informs Parents That He Is All Right

Hawarden Independent:  Mr. and Mrs. Ring Wallenburg, parents of Pfc. Gilbert Wallenburg, who is a prisoner of war in Germany, received numerous letters the past week informing them that they had heard a short wave radio broadcast by their son.  All the letters carried a similar message, which was to the effect that Pfc. Wallenburg had stated over the radio that he was all right and was being well treated.  He admonished his parents not to worry about him.

Mr. and Mrs. Wallenburg also received a communication from the War Department confirming the radio report by their son.  Evidently two of the letters at least came from people whose hobby is to inform relatives of broadcasts of prisoners of war.  These letters appeared on a special form and bore a serial number.

Source: LeMars Globe-Post, July 19, 1943


Sioux Center News: These letters were written personally by Gilbert Wallenberg, who is a German prisoner:

Datum 3, 26, 43
Dear Mother, Dad, Brothers and Sisters: Have a chance to drop you a few lines again. Hope you may receive them. Still getting along fine and in the best of health. Hope the same for all of you. Still getting treated fine. So please don’t worry about me. Love to all, Gilbert
Dear Dad, Mother, Brothers and Sisters: Will try dropping you a few lines today. Hope you have received some of my messages I have sent before. Haven’t much news but can say I am still in the best of health and getting along fine. Hope you can all say that same for yourselves. They have treated us fine so far. So haven’t anything to complain about. Still have plenty of my buddies with me. Red Cross will let you know all about sending packages and letters. Send things such as socks, shorts and cigarettes.

Hope Mother had a happy birthday. Really thought of her a lot that day. Try to write soon and tell me where you live now and is there any change of address? Please don’t worry. Hope to be back soon. Love to all. –Gilbert.

Source: LeMars Globe-Post, August 16, 1943


Mr. and Mrs. Ring Wallenburg of Ireton were overjoyed Wednesday when they received a V-mail letter from their son, Pfc. Gilbert Wallenburg, who had been held a prisoner in Germany for over two years, informing them that he had been freed and is now in France. He wrote that he was in the best of health, but gave no further information.

Pfc. Wallenburg, who is 26 years of age, has been in the Army four years and went overseas in May, 1942. Just before he went overseas, he was home on a furlough, so it is more than three years since he has seen his family.  He was captured by the Germans in Africa in February, 1943, and ever since has been held a prisoner. Mr. and Mrs. Wallenburg had not heard from their son since last December 10, until they received the good news Wednesday.

Mr. and Mrs. Wallenburg lived on the edge of Hawarden one year, but moved to Ireton two years ago.

Source: Hawarden Independent, Thursday, May 3, 1945