Sioux County

Arie Verrips, MM 2/c




Arie Verrips, M.M. 2/c entered the Navy in Nov. 1942. He received his basic training at Great Lakes Naval Training station after which he went on sea duty. Arie has met Billy Boernink since he left the states but that is the only Sioux Center boy he has met. Arie is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Peter Verrips. They have no idea of his whereabouts since they have not heard of him for a long time.

Source: Sioux Center News, August 17, 1944 (photo included)

Arie Verrips has had another promotion to Seaman 1st class lately. He has taken part in another major engagement in recent weeks, but is still in good health according to the latest word his parents have received.

Source: The Sioux Center News, August 31, 1944

Brother Arie Verrips, is a Petty Officer and veteran of combat service in both Atlantic and Pacific, with Naval LST boats.

Source: The Sioux Center News, September 28, 1944