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Raymond E. Velin




16 Sioux Cityans Take First Training at Great Lakes, Illinois

Sixteen Sioux Cityans are receiving their initial naval indoctrination at the naval training station at Great Lakes, Illinois.

The training consists of instruction in Seamanship, military drill and general naval procedure.

At the station are Quinten H. Vik, 233 S. Judd Street; Raymond E. Velin, 1824 S. Maple Street; Arthur W. Utesch, 1519 S. Helen Street; George L. Roest, 1118 25th Street; Jack L. Povlasky, Route 2; Eugene M. Motley, 216 S. Helen Street; Joseph A. Maskevich, 1509 Highview terrace; George A. Le Due, 1008 S. Glass Street; George C. Kouris, 611 Virginia Street; Walter E. Goodier, 2015 Highland Avenue; John T. Bresman, 2547 S. Paxton Street; William H. Beaver 816 20th Street; Fred F. Smith, 1401 West Street; Henry B. Denney, 410 S. Howard Street; John J. Sauntry, 1717 Pierce Street and Michael M. Weibel, 1600 Riverside Boulevard.

Source: The Sioux City Journal, August 11, 1944


Two Sioux City men recently were graduated from specialized training courses at the naval training center at Great Lakes, Ill. The graduates and the schools in which they trained are:
Homer D. Strampe, son of Mr. and Mrs. B. C. Strampe, 4900 Morningside avenue, quartermaster school;
Raymond E. Velin, husband of Mrs. Ray Velin, 1824 S. Maple street, electrician’s mate school.

Source: Sioux City Journal, March 1, 1945