Fayette County

Walter Vargason



Mr. and Mrs. John Vargason of Oelwein received the following letter recently
from their son who is stationed in Africa with the motorcycle corps, 19th

North West Africa
June 7, 1943.
Dear Folks:
Just a line to say hello and that I am fine and dandy. I got the Easter cards sent from home, also Arnold's address and he was sure lucky to get in the Air Corps, wasn't he?

It's awful hot again today and boy I'd give anything to be back home now. Well how is everything back there?

Well it wont be long 'till I have one year overseas and it sure seems like ten to me. I hope we wont have to put in another one but you can't tell. O yes, I've been to see Tunis. As you know Tunis and Bizerte were the last
two cities to fall here when the Germans failed.

Mother, do you recall reading about the battle at Kassarine Pass which was February 17 until the 21st. It was sure rough. We held the two German Panzer divisions for 52 hours and then was forced to retreat back. Anyway I had a very good seat and I saw more Germans and Italians than I could count--- in fact we were in the front row and I'll tell you I got all of that I wanted for awhile. The Germans have a gun they call the 88 and it is alright too because they tried them out on us up there in the mountains and it is no joke to be on the receiving end of them.

I don't know for sure if I told you I was in England some time before we came to Africa. I had the opportunity of going to Liverpool twice. It has been bombed lots but in spite of it all the people keep their chins up.

Well, Mother, I will close and don't forget to write, I'll be looking. So will send my love to you and Dad. ~Walt

Source: The Oelwein Daily Register, Oelwein, Iowa,
Thursday, July 8, 1943