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Six Emmetsburg Brothers Serve in Armed Forces

Emmetsburg, Ia.—Special:  Mr. and Mrs. G. R. Varcoe of Emmetsburg have six sons in the service.  Two are in the Army and the other four are in the Navy.

Fred, who is a sergeant in the signal corps of the army, was the first to enter the service. He went to Camp Dodge in August, 1941, and was sent to Camp Pickett, Va.  In November, 1942, he left the United States and was among the first of the troops to land in northern Africa.  He remained in Africa until the next August, when he was transferred to Italy. He is now fighting in France.

Harold and George were the next to enlist. They both enlisted in the Navy and were sent to the Great Lakes naval training station.  Harold is now a motor machinist’s mate first class.  He is on convoy duty aboard a destroyer.

George, an aviation ordnance man first class, spent 13 months in service in the South Pacific theater as a bomb disposer.  He returned to the United States in May, 1941, and reported to the naval bomb disposal school in Washington D.C. After training there he was stationed at Indian Head, Md.

Richard went to the Great Lakes for his boot training in September, 1942. He was made a gunner’s mate, third class, and left for duty aboard a mine sweeper in March, 1943. He has been in the Mediterranean area since he left this country.

Burton, the youngest of the boys, left in February, 1943, for naval training at Farragut, Idaho.  He is now stationed in the Marshall islands as yeoman, second class.

Ellis, the last son to enter the service, reported to Camp Fannin, Tex., in November, 1944, for his basic training.  His home was in Salt Lake City before entering the Army.

Source: The Sioux City Journal, January 9, 1945