Sioux County

Pfc. Dick VanderHoef





Pfc. Dick VanderHoef, son of Mr. and Mrs. Maas VanderHoef, came home from the Philippines last week Sunday, April 1.  He and Ernest Gerritsma came home on the same boat.  Dick has been in the Army for over 3 years, entering service in Jan. 1942, and went across in June, 1942.  This is his first furlough as long as he has been in the Army.  When he left the states he first went to Hawaii, then to New Guinea and from there to the Philippines.  He has been in 3 battles.  Dick has a 45-day furlough.  Was with several Sioux County boys, Clarence J. Mol, Dick DeWeerd, Everett J. Franken.

Dick wishes to thank the Business Girls for their Christmas packages, all the friends and relatives who sent him cards and letters, which were all very much appreciated.

Source: Sioux Center News, April 12, 1945 (photo included)