Sioux County

Lt. Clarence VandeBrake



Back In States

Mr. and Mrs. George Vande Brake received a telephone call from their son, Clarence Vande Brake, that he had arrived in San Francisco, and is in the hospital there. Clarence has been wounded in action and is in a cast from his chest down, his entire left side covering his left leg and half way down his right leg. He has been in a hospital in Australia for 5 months, and arrived in the U.S. in 15 days. He said the trip wasn’t so bad except when he crossed the equator he said it was pretty hot. Clarence expects to be sent to a hospital nearer to home and his family will wait until then to see him, because he does not know how soon he will be sent out.

On Wednesday Mr. and Mrs. George Vande Brake received a letter from their daughter which stated that a friend of the family, Mrs. Joe Barber, who lives just a short distance from San Francisco, said that he was looking fine and in the best of spirits.  Mrs. Barber is the former Marguerite Van Peursem, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Martin Van Peursem, former Maurice residents.

Source: The Sioux Center News, August 17, 1944 (photo included)


Lt. Clarence VandeBrake was again operated on at the Mayo General Hospital last Thursday. This time they have removed the plate in his thigh in hopes this will clear infection. Clarence says he is getting along well.

Source: The Sioux Center News, September 13, 1945