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Pfc. Kenneth VanSickle




Former Residents in Service

The Army outweighs the Navy three-to-one in the Charles Van Sickle family, former Webster City residents who now live at Swaledale, Iowa, for three of the four Van Sickle sons in service are wearing the Army khaki.

First of the four brothers--all of whom left for duty from Webster City--to go into service was Lester, 26, who joined the Navy in January, 1942. Now a seaman first class, Lester has seen plenty of action on the high seas. The battleship on which he was serving took part in the two French invasions--the one on the Normandy coast and the southern thrust. He is a gunner on the ship’s crew.

Next to leave on duty was Kenneth, 28, who joined the Army in June, 1942, and has been overseas in England since June, 1943. A private first class, Kenneth is attached to the air corps and does chemical work.

Charles Henry, 36, was next to enter the Army, leaving in August, 1942. A corporal, he is now stationed with an engineering unit at Camp Breckinridge, Ky.

Oldest of the quartet, Elmer Glenn, 38, entered the service in October, 1942. A corporal, he is now located in Italy with the 91st engineering division of which several other Webster City young men are members. Corporal Van Sickle has been overseas since March. Prior to entering the service he was engaged in the trucking business in this city.

The servicemen’s parents, who formerly operated a farm near this city for several years are now engaged in farming near Swaledale. The family moved from this city in 1942.

Source: The Daily Freeman-Journal, Webster City, Iowa, Thursday, October 26, 1944