Sioux County

Chief Petty Officer Chris Van Oosbree



Chris Van Oosbree, son of Mr. and Mrs. John Van Oosbree has recently been promoted to Aviation Chief Radio Tech. According to his letters it is supposed that he is in Hawaii. The rest of his address remains the same and can be had by calling his parents or the News. Mrs. Chris Van Oosbree is making her home with her parents at Rock Valley, Iowa.

Source: The Sioux Center News, August 17, 1944

Chris Van Oosbree Home From S. Pacific

Mr. and Mrs. John Van Oosbree and children and Mrs. Chris Van Oosbree, who makes her home in Rock Valley drove to Sioux Falls on Wednesday evening to get Chief Petty Officer Chris Van Oosbree, who arrived there to spend a leave with his family after spending the past two years in the South Pacific. Chris arrived in the States on Monday and spent the day with his sister, Johanna at Seattle, Wash., before coming home.

Source: Sioux Center News, January 25, 1945

Chris Van Oosbree of the Navy is spending a three week leave with his wife here and with relatives at Sioux Center.  He is a radio technician on an aircraft carrier.

Source: The Sioux County Capital, Orange City, Iowa, February 8, 1945