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Elmer D. Tucker




Columbus Junction:
Elmer Tucker Enlists.

Elmer Tucker, 17-year-old son of Mr. and Mrs. Harry Tucker of Buffalo, Ia., and a former Columbus Junction boy, has enlisted in the Navy and will go to Des Moines next week to enter service.

Elmer is the fourth son of Mr. and Mrs. Harry Tucker to enter the war service. The oldest son, Cpl. Lloyd Tucker, is stationed with the U. S. Army field artillery in the Hawaiian islands. He is a graduate of Buffalo high school and entered the service Nov. 30, 1942, receiving basic training at Camp Breckenridge, Ky., and further training at Camp Rucker, Ala., and maneuvers in Tennessee.

Pvt. Robert Tucker entered the service April 16, 1943. He was graduated from Buffalo high school and was formerly employed at the Rock Island arsenal. He received basic training at Scott Field, Ill., and is stationed at Camp Muroc, Calif., as a radio operator with a tow-target squadron. Pvt. John Tucker entered the field artillery Nov. 21, 1943. He received basic training at Camp Roberts, Calif., and is stationed at Ft. Leonard Wood, Mo.

Source: Muscatine Journal and News-Tribune, July 29, 1944

Columbus Junction—Mr. and Mrs. Harry Tucker of Buffalo, but formerly of Columbus Junction, have four sons who are now serving in the armed forces. The four sons attended the Columbus schools and Trinity Evangelical and Reformed Sunday School.

Corporal John Tucker, 19, recently spent a 24-day furlough with his parents and has now returned to Camp Cooke, Calif. He entered the service Nov. 23, 1943, and trained at Camp Roberts, Calif., Ft. Leonard Wood, Mo., and San Luis Obispo, Calif. Corp. Tucker is attached to a field artillery unit.

Elmer D. Tucker
, 17, seaman second class, who has been in the Navy since last July, is undergoing special instruction at Madison, Wis. He completed his boot training at Great Lakes, Ill.

Corp. Harry Tucker, 23, the only brother serving overseas, is stationed in Hawaii. Inducted into the Army Nov. 22, 1942, he trained at Camp Breckenridge, Ky., Nashville, Tenn., and Camp Rucker, Ala., before leaving the country with an artillery outfit.

PFC. Robert D. Tucker, 21, is assigned at Redmond, Ore. After entering the Army April 16, 1943, he took training at Shepard Field, Tex., Scott Field, Ill., Fresno, Calif., Glendale, Santa Ana, and Muroc, Calif.

Source: Muscatine Journal and News-Tribune, March 28, 1945