Woodbury County

Pvt. Marvin V. Trudell




Mrs. Nellie Trudell, 705 W. Eighth street, has four sons in the armed forces, and all are serving overseas.

Henry J. Trudell, coxswain first class, was the first to enter the service.  He left in October, 1942, and received his training at the Great Lakes station and the Armed Guard Center at Brooklyn, N.Y. As a gunner on a merchant marine ship, he has made several trips in the Atlantic ocean.  He has been to Africa, Italy, Russia, England, France and India.

Francis A. Trudell, shipfitter first class, joined the Seabees in 1943 and received his training at Camp Peary, Williamsburg, Va.  About a year ago while doing construction work on some small islands, Shipfitter Trudell was injured and sent home for a 30-day leave.  Since then he has returned to the South Pacific.  Before entering the service, his home was in Detroit, Mich.

Harry Trudell, seaman second class, entered the Navy about a year ago.  He took his boot training at Farragut, Idaho, and was sent overseas last August.  His wife and four children live with his mother.

Pvt. Marvin V. Trudell, stationed somewhere in the Atlantic, entered the service last year.  He took medical training at Camp Barkeley, Tex., but later was transferred to the infantry.  He attended Central high school, although his three brothers went to high school at Flandreau, S.D.

Source: Sioux City Journal, April 2, 1945 (photo included)