Woodbury County

Flight Officer Harry M. Thompson



An Eighth Air Force Bomber Station, Eng.—Veteran of more than a dozen missions over Germany, Flight Officer Harry M. Thompson, 28-year-old bombardier of Salt Lake City, Utah, has won the air medal in recognition of “exceptionally meritorious achievement.”  Flying Fortress “Mason and Dixon,” he has participated in attacks on industrial objectives deep in Germany, dropping his bombs on oil plants, railroad yards and other targets.  He flies with the 100th bombardment group, a unit of the Eighth air force’s Third air division.  Flight Officer Thompson is the son of H. M. Thompson, sr., of 713 W. Fourth street, Sioux City,  and his wife is Mrs. Geraldine Edna Thompson of 232 Kalsey avenue, Salt Lake City.  Before entering the Army air forces, Flight Officer Thompson worked for the Denver and Grande railroad for two years.  He attended Sioux City high school, graduating in 1936.

Source:  The Sioux City Journal, January 28, 1945