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Pfc. Leland Thill




Pfc. Leland Thill, who seen much of the world since going into the Navy in September, 1940, arrived Thursday for a brief visit with his parents, reports the Remsen Bell-Enterprise. They are Mr. and Mrs. D. J. Thill. Leland took part in the memorial services for Eilert Seggerman at Christ Lutheran Church Thursday afternoon. The young enlisted boy carried a fresh wound on his face, suffered in a recent action on convoy duty, and while home he required the services of his family physician. Leland has been on convoy duty for the past 16 months, during which period he has been almost constantly in submarine infested waters, and his ship has been repeatedly under attack. He has been in various places, Australia, Russia, Africa, England and Ireland.

Source: LeMars Globe-Post, April 26, 1943


Mr. and Mrs. Leland Thill of Burlington, Pa., are expected home Friday for a visit with Mr. Thill’s parents, Mr. and Mrs. D. Thill of Remsen. Leland was given his honorable discharge from the Navy after having almost recovered from injuries suffered during a sea battle.

Source: LeMars Globe-Post, February 12, 1945