Plymouth County

Stanley Thatcher





The following letter was received by the Register-Tribune editor from Stanley Thatcher, son of Mr. and Mrs. John Thatcher, of Akron, who is in the U.S. Naval service in the South Pacific area, and was dated April 22, 1944:

Just a line to let you know the Register-Tribune is arriving again o.k. I really missed it while it wasn’t coming and I’m glad Mom got my address corrected with you. It really means a lot to receive the home-town paper when one is a few thousand miles away. Believe me, it’s plenty welcome!

Mom tells me there are a few Akron boys in this vicinity, but, so far I’ve seen only one. I bumped into Alvin Parker on the street in Honolulu one day, and we were both quite surprised. I have a cousin here that I see quite often, but he is not from Akron. I hope to see my old pal, Roy Burket, sooner or later, and I’m keeping an eye open for his ship to come in. I don’t expect to be home for the duration, so keep the paper coming.

Best wishes always, Sincerely, STANLEY THATCHER.

Source: Akron Register-Tribune, May 11, 1944