Sioux County

Roger Taylor



Westfield Correspondence in Akron Register-Tribune: Of interest to F. J. McKay, operator of the Standard Oil station here, is the account given by a Hawarden boy, Roger Taylor, radioman first class, U.S. Navy, who was prisoner of the Japanese for almost eight months. During his imprisonment he was allowed to return to his lodgings in Canton, China, but was not allowed to leave his apartment except about once every two weeks. His hobby, amateur radio, led to his acquaintance with one Vilroy McVay, radio operator for the American consul at Foochow, China. They talked by way of radio many evenings. “Where are you from?” Roger asked one evening. “I’m from South Dakota,” Vilroy replied.

“Where in South Dakota?”

“Little town of Hudson.”

“Well, I’ll be hanged,” Roger shouted back. “I’m from Hawarden, Iowa.”

Vilroy is the son of Mrs. James McVay, of Hudson, and a brother of F.J. McVay, of Westfield.

Roger thought McVay got out of Foochow before the Japs got there, and the last Roger heard of him, somebody said he was in Chungking.

Source: LeMars Sentinel, September 29, 1942