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Jay Sturges



Jay Sturges, machinist’s mate third class, has been here on a 30-day convalescent leave visiting his wife and four children, 309 W. 26th street.  Wounded on Saipan June 14, he has been in a naval hospital at San Diego since September. He was awarded the Purple Heart.

The Sioux Cityan entered the service in November of 1943.  For a time he was hospitalized in New Caledonia.  Following his leave here he returned to San Diego.

Source: The Sioux City Journal, Tuesday, January 16, 1945 (photo included)


Jay Arthur Sturges, machinist’s mate first class, son of Steve Sturges, 3511 Parkview boulevard, who was awarded the purple heart, also has received a bronze star medal.  The medal was awarded for distinguished achievement as a member of an assault unit during the capture of an enemy island June 14, 1944, the citation read.  Following a serious head wound received while on Saipan island, he was hospitalized in New Caledonia, and later moved to a hospital in San Diego, Cal.  His wife and four children reside at 309 W. 26th street.

Jay Sturges, 27, machinist’s mate, 309 W. 26th street, was among naval patients awarded bronze star medals at the naval hospital in San Diego, Cal., Tuesday by Capt. Morton D. Willcutts, medical officer in command of the hospital.  Machinist Sturges is recuperating in the hospital from wounds suffered in the Saipan invasion.  His wife and four children reside here.

Source: The Sioux City Journal, February 15, 1945


Jay Sturges, machinist mate third class, 309 W. 26th Street, has returned to his home after receiving a medical discharge. He was wounded at Saipan June 14, 1944 and received the Purple Heart and a Bronze Star award.

Source: The Sioux City Journal, October 14, 1945