Ringgold County

Max E. Smith



Former Redding Boy Barber on Destroyer Ship
Has Good Record

From an Ottumwa paper which carries the picture of Max E. Smith and four of his buddies, we copy the following -
Proving the effectiveness of his destroyer in action against the Japs, Max E. Smith has sent a picture record of the ship's achievements to his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Smith, 202 North Moore.

The destroyer is credited with shooting down 15 Jap planes, sinking one Jap battleship, and has participated in 8 invasions and shore bombardments.

Smith, a former employee of the Capitol theatre, is now serving as barber on the destroyer. He spent 18 months in the Atlantic war zone before going aboard the destroyer in the Pacific December 14, 1943.

Source: Twice-A-Week News, Mount Ayr, Ringgold County, Iowa, date clipped off