Woodbury County

Keith R. Sluyter






Keith R. Sluyter, son of Mrs. W.H. Sluyter, 4226 ½ Van Buren Street, has begun flight training at the 55th army air forces flying detachment, Bennettsville, S.C. upon completing his primary flight training. Aviation Cadet Sluyter will be advanced to a basic flying school in the eastern flying training command. 

Source: The Sioux City Journal, April 12, 1944

In Uniform

Keith Sluyter, son of Mrs. W.H. Sluyter, 4214 ½ Van Buren street, has been graduated from the bombardier school at Deming army airfied at Deming, N.M.  He has been appointed a flight officer.  Prior to entering the Army he attended high school at Luton, Ia.

Source: The Sioux City Journal, November 25, 1944 (photo included)