Plymouth County

Cpl. Edward J. Sitzmann




NEWS of the Boys in the Service.

Corporal Ed Sitzman and Mrs. Sitzman are visiting relatives in LeMars. Corporal Ed Sitzman, who has a 12 day furlough, is in the coast artillery stationed at Long Beach, California.

Source: The LeMars Semi-Weekly Sentinel, August 10, 1943


Cpl. Ed Sitzmann and his wife, the former Agatha Neubel, spent the past week with relatives and friends here. Cpl. Sitzmann is at Long Beach, where he is a guard at an aircraft plant.

Source: LeMars Globe-Post, August 16, 1943


Among the servicemen of Plymouth county who have recently been home, or now at home are:  James L. Wolf, Remsen; Leonard E. Witt, LeMars; Raymond J. Wilmes, LeMars; Wm. G. Spies of R.  F. D. 7, LeMars; Ed. J. Sitzmann, LeMars;

Source: LeMars Globe-Post, October 16, 1944


The following men have registered at the courthouse as having received their discharges from the Armed Services:

Vernon Ewin, Francis L. Strihl, Clarence Cowan, Werner P. Hoffman, Wm. A. Delperdang, Earl G. Utesch, Albert S. Simon, Don Shearon, Matthew J. Welsch, Howard Stinger, Karl J. Elsen, William Picks, Merlin B. Woodley, Wesley Witt, Vincent Zimmer, Clyde C. Marx, Raymond W. Anderson, Kenneth G. Bentz, Glenn Nussbaum, Elmer Muth, Roman J. Mayrose, Edward E. Keihn, Anthony J. Vanderschaff, John Frerichs, Raymond J. Berkenpas, John H. Moller, Max F. Pehler, Ralph Sweitzberger, Charles A. Honnald jr., LeRoy W. Gries, L.E. Newman, James A. Martin, Walter S. Utecht, Ralph M. Schnepf, Alvin L. Oaks, Morris Mezvinsky, Howard S. Dobbett, Kenneth L. Burdette, Otto F. Bishop, Edward J. Sitzmann, Francis H. Condon, Don A Pratt.

Source: LeMars Globe-Post, November 15, 1945