Fayette County

J. D. Shaffer



J. D. Says Hello

Somewhere in Italy.
January 14, 1944

Dear Rich:  Our news is very limited so this won’t be much of a letter.

Just had a good chat with Roy Knight.  I see him nearly every day. Saw Lawrence Larson yesterday, the first time for a couple of months.

The Elgin Echo is coming through O.K.  Thanks again for sending it.

This writing by candle light isn’t so good, but will have to do until I get back to good ole U.S.A.

Here are some more foreign coins to add to your collection.  Here is a 1.5 and a 10 lire currency which has the same value as ours, one lire is the same as 1 penny and so on.  Here is a Morocco 5 franc, a Tunisia 5 franc, and an Algeria 20 franc.  75 francs is equal to a $1.00 in American money.

Tell everyone hello, for me.
Your friend, J. D. Shaffer.

Thanks for the currency, J. D.  You’ve started a nice collection for me and I hope to add to it from other countries.  Rich.

Source:  Elgin Echo, Elgin, Iowa, February 3, 1944