Sioux County

Lt. Lawrence A. Schaal



Lt. (j.g.) Lawrence A. Schaal and wife left Wednesday for Miami, Florida, from which point he expects to leave by plane for South America. Their little daughter, Jeanine, is staying here with her grandparents, Rev. and Mrs. O. E. Schaal. Lt. Schaal has been on duty in Brazil as an aerologist with the Navy for 13 months and has been enjoying a 15-day furlough leave here with his parents and family.

Source: Alton Democrat, Thursday, December 7, 1944

Lt. Schaal had been in South America for a year and a half, as an aereological officer, in other words a weatherman. He was stationed there to keep a close check on the weather to help the Navy convoys going from South America to Africa, and the blimps and airplanes which went along as protection against enemy aircraft and subs.

Source: Rock Valley Bee, May 11, 1945