Sioux County

Cpl. James Santema




Cpl. James Santema, son of Mr. and Mrs. Henry Santema, called his parents from Fresno, Calif., Friday night. They believe he will be leaving the States soon for overseas service. He has been in the Army about 2 ½ years, and is in the air corps ground crew.

Source: The Sioux Center News, August 31, 1944

Three Santema Brothers In Service

Andrew Santema S 1/c, son of Mr. and Mrs. Henry Santema, entered the Navy on April 19, 1944. He received his boot training at Camp Waldron, Farragut, Idaho. Andrew had a leave in June after which he was sent to Bremerton, Washington, for four weeks. Then he was transferred to Whidbey Island, Wash., 100 miles from Seattle, where his wife is working in one of the Woolworth stores. At Whidbey Island he has been doing several different jobs. He went to school part time and was an instructor for a while and now is going to school again. Andrew hopes to be coming home on furlough soon.

Bernard J. Santema, S 2/c entered the Navy August 15, 1944. He received his training at Camp Hill, Farragut, Idaho. Had his first leave on Nov. 16, 1944, after which he returned to Farragut, and from there was sent to San Diego, to the Armed Guard School. He expects to remain there for about four weeks and then to Treasure Island from 2 to 10 days and from there out to sea.

Cpl. James Santema was inducted into the Army on Jan. 21, 1942. He was first located at Camp Callan, Calif., and had his first furlough after eight months of training. He was stationed in different camps in Calif. James was with the ground air crew and his main job was a truck driver. He had a furlough in June 1943, and one in June 1944, was in California all the while, until Sept. 26th when he went overseas. At present he is located somewhere in India and is well and getting along fine. His wife is staying with her folks in Calwa City, Calif.

Source: The Sioux Center News, January 4, 1945 (photo included)