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Pfc. Peter Runia



News of Our Men and Women In Uniform

Pfc. Peter Runia, husband of the former Irene Ricklefs of Bettendorf, formerly of Ireton, and his wife are visiting at the home of her sister and husband, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Muth.

Pfc. Runia is a qualified Glider trooper with the 128th Glider Infantry Regiment, 13th Airborne Division in France and was a jeep driver for a mortar platoon with his unit at Sena, France and was quartered in a French “casserne,” the French equivalent of our American Armory; the four-storied building which he occupied had once housed German soldiers during the occupation. Pfc. Runia entered the service in April 1944.

Source: Sioux Center News, September 13, 1945