Woodbury County

Lt. Robert W. Rockwood





Lieut. Robert W. Rockwood is spending a 10-day leave with his mother, Mrs. B.A. Rockwood, 1209 ½ Grandview Boulevard. Lieut. Rockwood is a navigator on a B-17 crew and completed training at MacDill field, Fla. It is his last leave prior to overseas assignment.

Source: The Sioux City Journal, November 4, 1944


Representation in the service is high in the family of Mrs. B. A. Rockwood, 1209 ½ Grandview boulevard, who herself is giving her time at a child care center while her four sons are in the service. A fifth son, Keith, is at home.

Sgt. Lyle Rockwood was the first to enter the service in January, 1943, and is serving with an anti-aircraft battalion in the South Pacific. Lt. Robert Rockwood is serving as navigator on a Flying Fortress with the Eighth air force. Inducted February, 1944, Cpl. Bert Rockwood is a signal corps photographer at Camp Crowder, Mo. He was formerly employed at Albertson & Co. James Rockwood, seaman second class, the youngest, entered the navy the day before his 18th birthday. After his basic training at Great Lakes, he is now in aviation radioman’s school in Memphis, Tenn.

All are Central high school graduates excepting Bert, who was graduated from East.

Source: The Sioux City Journal, Monday, April 9, 1945 (photos included)


Lt. Robert W. Rockwood arrived from England and is spending 30 days with his mother, Mrs. B.A. Rockwood, 1209 ½ Grandview Boulevard. Lt. Rockwood, a navigator with the 385th bomb group of the Eighth air force, will report to Santa Ana, California for reassignment after completing his leave.

Source: The Sioux City Journal, July 31, 1945