Pottawattamie County

Sgt. Ronald Reynolds



Local Soldier Aids Injured
With Partner Gets Mail to Hospitals

Because of a plan devised by a Council Bluffs youth, Sgt. Ronald Reynolds, and two of his companions, wounded and sick members of the 34th “Red Bull” division of Lt. Gen. Mark M. Clark’s 5th army in Italy are receiving a special personalized bedside mail delivery daily while in clearing stations, evacuation, general and convalescent hospitals in the division sector.

Each morning, Sgt. Reynolds and his helper, Cpl. George Colovos of Detroit, Mich., dive to medical battalion headquarters and obtain daily admission and disposition sheets. Names listed are broken down to proper outfits and by 9 a. m. they are ready for regimental mail orderlies who in turn break them down to companies. Mail for men listed on the special forms is returned in the afternoon to regiment and thence to the APO.

In a recent interview at the headquarters command office, Sgt. Reynolds said: “Many times we find the man has been evacuated that day. If the hospital to which he is sent is within a reasonable distance, we track him down there and deliver his mail. There have been times when we caught the man just leaving and gave him his mail while in the ambulance.”

Aiding Sgt. Reynolds and Cpl. George Colovas in carrying out their plan is Lt. Daniel Stewart of Kearny, N. J.

Reynolds, a former British commando who entered the 34th division APO at the close of the North African campaign, lives at 1223 Twenty-first avenue.

Source: The Council Bluffs Nonpareil, Council Bluffs, Iowa, Wednesday, November 15, 1944, Page 10