Sioux County

Pvt. Ray R. Potts




Writing from New Guinea under date of Aug. 11, Pvt. Ray R. Potts tells how much they appreciated the Jack Benny show there. His letter follows:

Dear George: It is time for my boring reports from New Guinea once more. They would be much more interesting if I could only tell more about the increased activity in this area. This island war, as you well know, is one of supply as we are in an excellent position to observe the different movements. We expect a good deal from the airborne troops in the future.

Applications have arrived so now can apply for ballots. There is a lively interest in the election, naturally, and most of the fellows seem to favor Roosevelt. At least I am enjoying some good arguments.

The Jack Benny show, including Carole Landis, Martha Tilton, Sonny Adler and June Brummer, played here two weeks ago. Over 20,000 men attended and some of them waited at the Bowl for at least 10 hours to be certain of close seats. It supplied us all with a glimpse of the outside world once more and how we appreciate it!

Our mail service has improved somewhat and one of my tent mates received a letter from the States in 7 days. That record should stand a long time over here.—As ever, Ray.

Source: Rock Valley Bee, August 25, 1944