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M/Sgt. Henry Poeckes





NEWS of the BOYS in the SERVICE  

Henry Poeckes, who has seen several months service in the southwest Pacific, was recently promoted to staff sergeant. He is with the Army supply department in the Solomons.

Source: LeMars Semi-Weekly Sentinel, Feb. 11, 1944

NEWS of the BOYS in the SERVICE 

Master Sergeant Henry Poeckes, who is with the army in the Solomons, writes that a few days ago he met Lieut. Will Hodam, who had more recently been assigned to duty in that part of the world.

Source: LeMars Semi-Weekly Sentinel, April 11, 1944

M. Sgt. Henry Poeckes, who is spending most of his furlough visiting his parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. P. Poeckes, took an active part in the Pacific theater of war. His visit here has been a tonic to his father, who has been on the sick list.
M. Sgt. Poeckes entered the service on July 23, 1942, and after training in the United States, he was shipped to New Caledonia, where he worked in a canteen for 8 months.

He was later transferred to the quartermaster corps and sent to Guadalcanal, where he took part in supplying troops with necessities of war all over the islands. He left Guadalcanal May 14, after 6 months of service. He says there is very little to do there now except to get up in the morning, work all day, take a shower at night and go to bed.
“We have movies there several nights a week, but they are in open-air theaters, and it rains almost every night, “ M. Sgt. Poeckes stated.

He has been ordered to report to Fort Sam Houston on July 9, and will be reassigned to duty.

Source:  LeMars Globe-Post, June 29, 1944

NEWS of the BOYS in the SERVICE  

Master Sergeant Poeckes left Friday morning for Fort Sam Houston, Texas, for reassignment.

Source: LeMars Semi-Weekly Sentinel, July 11, 1944