Woodbury County

Lt. Robert J. Petrucka




First Lt. Robert J. Petrucka, son of Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Petrucka, 1501 S. Royce street, has been initiated as a member of the 13th army air force‚Äôs Golden Mission club in the southwest Pacific, after completing his 50th mission as a bombardier with the Crusaders, a B-25 Mitchell bomber, on a bombing strike to the Celebes.  Since completing the 50 missions, Lt. Petrucka has helped in the blasting of fields from which the Japs could oppose the invasion of the Philippines and soon had six more missions behind him.  He has been awarded the air medal and four bronze clusters.  Most of his tougher missions were flown against Japanese installations in the Solomons.  A graduate of East high school and a former student of the Midwest College of Commerce, he joined the air forces in April, 1942.  He was commissioned in March, 1943, and has been overseas since October, 1943.

Source: The Sioux City Journal, February 1, 1945