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Lt. Douglas Perrin


Back Home After Spending 29 months on Aleutian Islands

First Sgt. Thomas R. Perrin, who recently returned to the states after spending 29 months on the Aleutian islands with the army medical corps, is home on a 24-day furlough visiting his parents, Mr. and Mrs. T. R. Perrin, 1500 Silver street.  He will report January 31, at a recuperation station at Hot Springs, Ark.

Sgt. Perrin wears the American defense, Asiatic Pacific and American theater of war campaign bars and stars representing the initial landing at Adak and Amchitka in which he participated.  He enlisted June, 1940, and after two years training at Fort Ord, Cal., was sent to the Aleutian islands.  His last furlough was in September, 1941. He is a graduate of Central high school.

Three brothers are also in the armed forces.  Pvt. Donald Perrin, who spent three and one-half years in Panama, is stationed at Fort Bliss, Tex., with an anti-aircraft division.  Robert Perrin, first class petty officer, and Lt. Douglas Perrin, entered the service two years ago.  They are stationed in the Pacific area.  Robert is a member of the naval air force and Douglas is a pilot of a B-24 bomber with the army air force.

Source: The Sioux City Journal, January 9, 1945


Lt. Douglas B. Perrin of 1500 Silver street has participated in 10 attacks against strongly fortified enemy air fields and installations.  He is a copilot with the 13th air force located in the southwest Pacific area.

Source: The Sioux City Journal, March 20, 1945

Lt. Douglas Perrin Is Killed in Pacific on Way Home 

First Lt. Douglas Perrin of the air force, youngest son of Mr. and Mrs. Thomas R. Perrin, 1500 Silver street, who had completed 40 missions in the Pacific war area, met his death in an airplane crash in the Pacific on March 7, while on his way home to spend his leave with his parents.

A telegram to the parents from the adjutant general of the War Department stated that Lt. Perrin was killed in a plane crash on Moravia island.  He had completed two years in service last November.

Three other sons of Mr. and Mrs. Perrin are in the services.  They are Robert W. Perrin, petty officer first class, with the Navy air corps two and a half years, who took part in seven major battles in the Pacific and now is home on leave;  Pvt. Donald Edward Perrin, home on furlough, in the Army five years, who at the conclusion of his furlough will go to Fort Ord, Cal., for overseas; and First Sgt. Thomas R. Perrin, who hs been in service for five years and is stationed with the medical corps at Camp Barkeley, Tex.

In addition to the parents and brothers, three sisters survive. They are Phyllis Maxine a senior at Central high school, and Marylyn Joyce and Audrey June, both pupils at West junior school.

Source: The Sioux City Journal, March 21, 1945 (photo included)