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Sgt. Robert Parks



Private and Mrs. Bob Parks arrived Monday evening from Pendleton, Ore., for a two weeks visit in Spencer.  They will be guests in the home of Mr. Parks’ parents, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Parks, and in the home of Mrs. Parks’ parents, Mr. and Mrs. C. J. DeKoster.  Private Parks is with the United States air corps at Pendleton.

Source: Spencer newspaper, April 1, 1943

Bob Parks telephoned his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Parks, from Chicago last Friday explaining that he was en route to Baltimore for advanced training in the care of B 26s. Parks has been stationed with the armed forces at Galena, Wash., a member of a ground crew in the air corps.  He will spend five weeks at the Baltimore school after which he will return to Galena. His wife, the former Irma DeKoster, has a business position at Pendleton, Ore., and will remain there while her husband is in the East.

Source: Spencer newspaper, July 29, 1943


Robert Parks has written his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Parks, that he has recently been transferred from Pendleton, Ore., to Baltimore, Md.  He is taking a course at Baltimore which will qualify him to be an inspector of B-26 planes.  Upon completion of the course in five weeks he will be sent to Galena, Wash.  Mrs. Parks is remaining at Pendleton.

Source: Daily Reporter, August 10, 1943

Mrs. Robert Parks received a letter last week from her husband, stationed in England, announcing that he has been promoted to the rank of sergeant.  Sgt. Parks is a crew man with the United States army air corps.  He has been in England since last November and has not yet learned to like anything in England! For one thing he confesses he is still extremely homesick.  Says he “can lick everything else but knows he cannot lick that.” Mrs. Parks, the former Irma DeKoster, is making her home with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. C. J. DeKoster, for the duration.  Sgt. Parks’ brother, Billy Parks, somewhere in Africa, is suffering from the same mental trouble, homesickness!

Source: Spencer newspaper, March 9, 1944

Sgt. and Mrs. Robert Parks are the parents of a daughter born in the Spencer hospital Tuesday, April 25.  The baby weighed fivde pounds and nine ounces at birth and has been given the name, Penney Lou.  Mrs. Parks is the former Miss Irma DeKoster and Sgt. Parks is stationed somewhere in England,

Source: Spencer newspaper, April 26, 1944


Two Spencer graduates held a reunion in Germany recently.  Sgt. Robert Parks had been with the first troops to be moved to an airfield in Germany and driving out to meet a plane was pleased an old Spencer friend Lt. Howard commander and had followed in one of his boy’s planes that needed refueling.  He expects to be stationed near Sgt. Parks in the near future.

Parks has been overseas since Oct. 1943, and has been in service the past three years.  Namur has completed one group of missions and after resting in the states applied again for overseas duty.

Sgt. Parks’ wife, the former Irma DeKoster, and young daughter, Penny, lived at 505 East Third Street.  He is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Parks of Spencer.  Lt. Namur’s parents are now living in Jefferson, Ia.

Source: Daily Reporter, April 7, 1945

Mrs. Robert Parks and Mr. and Mrs. Frank Parks have read with a great deal of interest the news of the docking of the “Queen Elizabeth” at New York on Wednesday evening.  Sgt. Robert Parks is returning from overseas service on this big boat and en route to Spencer will stop at Fort Sheridan, Ill., to pick up his discharge papers.  When he reaches Spencer, he will be greeted by a member of his family whom he has never seen, his sixteen months old daughter, Penny.  While he has been in foreign service, Mrs. Parks, the former Irma DeKoster, and their daughter have continued to live in this city. 

Sgt. Parks had returned to the United States from the European theater of operations where he had been for two years.  He came to New York on the Queen Elizabeth. 

Source: Daily Reporter, September 14, 1945