Clay County

Sgt. Leslie LeRoy "Bud" Parks



Another Clay county boy to arrive home for a visit before induction into the armed forces is LeRoy Parks, son of Mr. and Mrs. Guy Parks.  He arrived early in the week from California, where he has been employed in the ship yards and will visit his parents and other relatives before leaving for Des Moines for induction.

Source: Spencer newspaper, March 23, 1943


Mr. and Mrs. Guy Parks of near Spencer have had word from their son, Private Leslie LeRoy Parks, that he is stationed at 15th Port R. No. 84, Charleston, S. C. He is the quartermaster corps of the United States Army.

Source: Spencer newspaper, April 19, 1943

Private First Class, Leslie LeRoy Parks, son of Mr. and Mrs. Guy Parks, arrived Monday to spend a furlough which had been granted him from Camp Miles Standish, Taunton, Mass.  Parks was notified of the furlough after several days of the holiday had passed thereby missing a part of the vacation which he had planned at home.  In fact, he had written his parents telling them not to expect him at this time and his arrival on Monday was a surprise pleasure.

Source: Spencer newspaper, September 30, 1943

Photographs taken at home in Clay County:

Private Leslie L. Parks, back row in uniform, pictured with his siblings in Iowa.

Private Leslie L. Parks with his sister, Lucille.


Pfc. Leslie L. Parks has arrived safely in England. His parents, Mr. and Mrs. Guy Parks, have just had word concerning his safe arrival.  He went into the service on April 7, 1943, and prior to being sent abroad, was stationed at Camp Miles Standish, Mass.

Source: Spencer newspaper, unknown publish date


HEADQUARTERS UNITED KINGDOM BASE—Fifty enlisted men serving in a U. S. Army port headquarters in England have been authorized to wear the Good Conduct ribbon for “exemplary behavior, efficiency and fidelity.”

T/5 Leslie L. Parks, route one, Spencer, has been listed from this area to receive his ribbon.

Source: Spencer newspaper, October 7, 1944


(U. S. Army Signal Corps Photo)

A West Coast U. S. Army Port, England—Sgt. Leslie L. Parks, (left), Spencer, and Pvt. Harry M. Crum, Cochranton, Pa., stationed at this port, stack piles of ammunition destined for front line troops.

Parks is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Guy Parks, who live eight and one-half miles southeast of Spencer.  He entered the service April 7, 1943, and has been overseas for 16 months.

Source: Spencer newspaper, March 23, 1945

(photo included)

Sgt. Leslie L. (Bud) Parks, son of Mr. and Mrs. Guy Parks, is spending a thirty day furlough in the home of his parents and also with his brother-in-law and sister, Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Ollinger of Spencer. He arrived home Saturday evening.

Sgt. Parks entered the service April 7, 1943, and was stationed at Charleston, S. C., being moved from there to Camp Miles Standish at Boston, Mass.  On Dec. 5, of that year they sailed for the European theater of operations. They landed in Glasgow, Scotland, and from there proceeded to Liverpool, England.  While in England, Sgt. Parks was stationed at twelve different posts.

His fifteenth move was to LeHavre, France, on March 16, 1945.  The post, under the Normandy base section, immediately assumed control of staging area, all rail and truck movements, depot and various functions of the northwest districts.  Outstanding achievements included the handling of R. A. M. P. (Recovered Allied Military Personnel) during May and June when at Camp Wings and Camp Lucky Strike where 93,000 R. A. M. P. received, housed and fed, processed and made ready for shipment to the zone of interior and in addition many thousands of our recovered allied troops were shipped to the home land.

Sgt. Parks sailed from Camp Cales, Marseilles, France, and landed in New York.  At the end of his furlough, he will report back to Jefferson Barracks, Mo.

Source: Spencer newspaper, September 13, 1945


Sgt. Leslie L. (Bud) Parks, who was granted an honorable discharge at Jefferson Barracks, Mo., on Nov. 17, has arrived home. He is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Guy Parks.

Sgt. Parks entered service April 7, 1943, and spent 22 months in England and France, the remainder of this term of service in the United States.

He arrived in the United States in September, coming from LeHavre, France.  Following his arrival he enjo9yed a 45 day furlough here after which he reported back to Jefferson Barracks and was sent to Camp Plauche, New Orleans, La.  He remained at the camp three weeks prior to his discharge.

Source: Spencer Daily Reporter, November 27, 1945


Sergeant Leslie L. Parks, son of Mr. and Mrs. Guy Parks, of near Spencer, arrived home on Monday with his honorable discharge.

Parks entered the Army in April of 1943, and was discharged from Camp Plauche, La.

Source: Spencer Daily Reporter, November 28, 1945

Telegram to the family from Sgt. Leslie L. Parks, Sept. 3, 1945