Sioux County

O’Meara Brothers
(Photo Identification)

Top left: L. J. O’Meara
Top right: Lieut. J. V. O’Meara
Middle left: Paul L. O’Meara
Middle right: Michael E. O’Meara
Bottom: Robert E. O’Meara


Ireton (Special)—Mr. and Mrs. James O’Meara, well known farmers and stockraisers in this community living 5 miles southwest of here, are the parents of 16 children.  The family consists of nine daughters and seven sons.  Five of these sons have served in the U.S. Army and four are now serving. 

The first to volunteer is Pvt. Michael Edward O’Meara, who entered the Army April, 1941 and served two years and eight months and then was honorably discharged to assist his 74-year-old father on the farm and to enable a younger brother to go.

Pvt. L. J. O’Meara was inducted Sept. 23, 1942 and is now working in a base hospital in Australia. 

Lieut. (j.g.) J. V. O’Meara chose the aviation branch of the service and is a pilot on an aircraft carrier in the South Pacific.

Pvt. Robert E. O’Meara is in New Guinea and is in the infantry division.

Pvt. Paul L. O’Meara is in training in Camp Fannin, Texas and is planning to include paratroop work in his training.

All of the boys are farm reared and their parents own and operate a 240 acre farm south of Ireton.

Source: LeMars Globe-Post, June 19, 1944 (photos of the brothers included with this news article)


Pfc. Robert O’Meara was slightly wounded on Leyte on December 7, but he has recovered sufficiently to be back on duty, according to word received by his parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. E. O’Meara, who resided southeast of Hawarden.  Pfc. O’Meara had two brothers who were also on Leyte at the time of the invasion.  Lieut. J.  V. O’Meara, a pilot, took part in the air battle and Cpl. Leonard O’Meara is in the medical corps. Cpl. O’Meara wrote his parents that when the United States medical corps went to Leyte, they were compelled to dig foxholes in which to give first aid and later hospitals were erected. Sufficient supplies were arriving daily at the time he wrote to his parents.  Pfc. O’Meara knew where his brother Leonard was stationed and he was making an effort to contact him but so far his parents have not learned whether the two brothers met on Leyte.

Source: LeMars Globe-Post, February 12, 1945


Mr. and Mrs. J. E. O’Meara of Hawarden received word last week from the War Department that their son, Pfc. Paul O’Meara, had been slightly wounded in Luxembourg. This is the second son of Mr. and Mrs. O’Meara to be wounded in this war as Pfc. Robert O’Meara was wounded in Leyte. Robert has recovered and is back with is unit again. Mr. and Mrs. O’Meara also received a telegram from their son, Lieut. J. V. O’Meara, who is a pilot and has seen action in the Pacific, that he has returned to the United States. Lt. O’Meara participated in the bombing on Leyte and his plane was based on the Ommaney carrier, which is now reported to have been sunk by the Japs. Besides John and Robert, Mr. and Mrs. O’Meara have another son, Cpl. Leonard O’Meara, of the Medical Corps, who served on Leyte.

Source:  LeMars Globe-Post, February 19, 1945

Our Neighbors in the Service  

Ireton, Ia.—Lt. John V. O’Meara, a pilot, arrived from California for a visit with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. E. O’Meara. He was in on the Leyte invasion, taking part in the bombing of the island.  He was flying from an aircraft carrier which is reported to have been sunk by the Japs.

Source:  The Sioux City Journal, February 22, 1945


Cpl. Robert E. B. O’Meara, son of Mr. and Mrs. James O’Meara of Ireton, arrived in California after serving with the 32d infantry division in the Pacific.  He was overseas since October, 1943.  Veteran of three major engagements in the southwest Pacific, he holds the purple heart, the combat infantry badge, the Asiatic-Pacific ribbon and the Philippine liberation ribbon.  His brother, Pfc. Paul O’Meara, who has seen overseas duty since last August serving with the Second infantry division of Gen. Patton’s Third Army, is now in the states and another brother, Lt. John O’Meara, a pilot, who returned from the Pacific, is now stationed in California.  Two other brothers, Leonard O’Meara and Mike O’Meara have been honorably discharged.

Source:  LeMars Semi-Weekly Sentinel, October 5, 1945