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Capt. Edwin C. Novak



Capt. Edwin C. Novak of Cedar Rapids was killed in action in Africa Nov. 9, according to a telegram received by Capt. Novak’s mother which read:

“The Secretary of War desires me to express his deep regret that your son, Capt. Edwin C. Novak, was killed in action in the defense of his country in the African area November 9, 1942. Signed Adjutant General.”

Capt. Novak was a graduate of the Iowa State College of engineering.  He entered the U. S. Service in June 1941, as second lieutenant in field artillery.  He was transferred later to the Air Corps and became a 1st lieutenant at the time he received his wings at Brooksfield, Texas, in October, 1941.  He was promoted to Captain last October.

Capt. Novak was well known in Williamsburg, where he frequently visited in the home of his cousin, Mrs. R. J. Wright.

Source:  Williamsburg Shopper, December 24, 1942

The Associated Press report, issued under a Washington dateline, follows:

Eleven of the men, including one officer, were killed in Africa and two were killed in the southwest Pacific.

Folllowing is the list of Iowans killed in Africa:

Capt. Edwin C. Novak, mother, Mrs. Mary F. M Novak (1035 Second street SE) Cedar Rapids;

Source: Carroll Times, January 4, 1943 (excerpt)