Woodbury County

S/Sgt. Jack W. Noel




S. Sgt. Noel Headlined
Featured by Service Men’s Publication for War Exploit

S. Sgt. Jack W. Noel, a former employe of the Tribune and the Journal-Tribune, and son of Mrs. Fritz C. Borman, 3837 Jackson street, has made headlines in Stars and Stripes, the official service men’s publication. The exploit that brought recognition to Sgt. Noel resulted in the capture of 13 German soldiers and the killing of two. Under the caption, Three Times Is Out for the Stuborn Krauts, the paper details the accomplishment of the Sioux City soldier as follows:

“Krauts just hated to leave one house in Mittelwihr. The 15th regiment’s Third battalion patrol of the Seventh army chased the Germans out three times. The last time the patrol didn’t chase them. They caught them. When they approached the house the last time, S. Sgt. Jack W. Noel, Sioux City, Ia., saw one of the enemy infantrymen walk into the house. Sgt. Noel thought here was just one and crept to a window, while the rest of the patrol laid down a base of fire with Browning rifles, tommy guns and rifles. When they finished, Noel had thrown his hand grenade. Not one, but 13, Germans marched out hands over head. Two were wounded, while two others were dead in the house.”

Sgt. Noel’s wife and 2-year-old son at present are residing in California.

Entering the Army in February, 1943, Sgt. Noel has been overseas since last April. He was wounded September 27, 1944, and returned to active duty the latter part of November.

Source: The Sioux City Journal, Thursday, February 8, 1945 (photo included)